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Welcome to The Little English Kindergarten!

We are a small private English kindergarten operating in Helsinki since 2011. We cater for 14 children in Kallio and 24 children in our Etelä-Haaga branch and we are now opening a new branch for 35 children in Länsi-Pasila. Our day care centers provide a safe, caring and fun environment for children to learn and develop.

The small size of the kindergartens permits us to focus on each child’s individual needs and development. Our experienced teachers encourage creativity and learning through fun and play. Music, arts and dance are an essential part of our daily activities. We also aim to promote an international environment where children learn about other cultures.

We are an active kindergarten that goes on many trips and we walk to different local parks every day. We believe that active children are happy children!

For more information about placing your child in the kindergarten contact Thomas Stevens on 044 725 78 76 or e-mail


- We are opening a new daycare in Länsi-Pasila in August 2016. We will form a technology and programming focused group for 5-7 year old children. Please contact us for more information.

- We now have a vacancy in our Haaga kindergarten for August 2016. Contact us for more information.

- We are already taking applications for 2017/2018 for all our day cares.

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